Technical Support for Education Innovations

The Situation

The PSIPSE is a funder collaborative that seeks to both increase access to formal and non-formal secondary education and improve learning outcomes for marginalized populations. The PSIPSE contributes to this goal through funding in-country interventions that accelerate innovation, contribute to evidence-based policy reforms, and engage with and disseminate learnings to key stakeholders. Members of PSIPSE include private donors and donor advisors including MacArthur Foundation, Intel Foundation, Mastercard Foundation and Dubai Cares. TEP Centre was engaged by Results for Development Institute (which is the Learning Partner to the consortium) to serve as Local Learning Partner to the seven PSIPSE grantee organizations in Nigeria: British Council, Development Research and Projects Centre, Co-Creation Hub, Catholic University of America, Centre for change and community development, Mercy Corps and The Bixby Centre of the University of California Berkeley.


The Action

TEP Centre provided technical assistance and peer networking services to all grantees. Specifically, TEP Centre supported grantees to develop and implement effective monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) frameworks, developed a series of analytical products, supported peer learning among the\ collaborative, strengthened linkages between grantees and policymakers and coordinated a regional convening for the PSIPSE Collaborative. TEP Centre also conducted a workshop for the shortlisted PSIPSE 2014 funding applicants, training them on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Theory of Change and Pathways for Scaling Up.