British Council’s Fast Forward Project

The Situation

The Fast Forward project implemented by the British Council Nigeria in collaboration with LEAP Africa, is an action research pilot project testing out a model for teaching employability skills and providing work based learning opportunities to secondary school students to better prepare them for work. In implementing this pilot, 300 teachers and administrators were to be trained on new methodologies for teaching employability and work-readiness skills, and 1000 senior secondary school (SSS) students from marginalised communities attending 20 government secondary schools were to benefit from innovative teaching practice and work- based learning. Workplace internships were provided for selected students so they can practice the work based skills learnt in the classroom and to give them an opportunity to work with prospective employers.

The Action

TEP Centre carried out an evaluation exercise of the Fast Forward project at the end of the pilot implementation. The overall objective of the evaluation exercise was to assess the outcomes of the work-based learning model introduced to teachers and students in the 20 selected secondary schools. Results from this exercise would substantiate the basis for possible replication and up-scale of the model across schools in Nigeria. The purpose of this evaluation was to effectively determine the project’s progress, achievements, and lessons learned that would provide a basis for scale up or review of approach in subsequent interventions.