Our Communication Workshop is designed to help education innovators and programmes better connect with their stakeholders. It  offers a detailed and contextualised approach for how education innovations can design and improve their communications strategies. At our communications workshop, programmes/ project teams will learn how to develop a coherent and compelling message, increase their visibility and cultivate influence. The Communications workshop offers proven methods to strengthen communications.

Scaling Up

Our Scaling Up Workshop features interactive and hands-on sessions where we introduce a strategic framework for scaling up as well as best practice principles and recommendations for scaling education innovations in Nigeria. The workshop is designed to help programme/project teams and organisations think systematically about scaling up their education initiatives. The programmes team invest time in full, productive sessions to unpack and re-design interventions/projects, positioning them for sustainable scaling up.

Proposal Development

Our Proposal Development Workshop is specifically designed to help non-governmental organisations in the development sector strengthen their competencies in proposal development and resource mobilisation. The workshop guides participants through the proposal development process: conceptualisation, following donor guidelines, drafting and submission.


Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) are fundamental to the growth and sustainability of education interventions and organisation. Our MEL workshop features interactive and engaging sessions which take participants through the concepts of Results-Based Monitoring, the  Monitoring Framework, Evaluation Processes and Systematic  Learning.

To schedule a workshop with us, kindly send an email to with “Request Workshop” as the subject.