Impact Assessment

The Situation

In 2015, TEP Centre, together with its partner MDF Netherlands, carried out an impact evaluation on behalf of Misean Cara; the Irish aid organization. The overall objective of this evaluation was to carry out a comprehensive outcome evaluation of Misean Cara education funding in Nigeria; that is to offer qualitative and quantitative evidence of positive and negative, primary and secondary short-term and medium term effects produced by Misean Cara funding to the education sector in Nigeria, whether directly or indirectly, intended or unintended. The findings of the evaluation were used to ascertain what has worked and what has not worked in Misean Cara funding to the education sector in Nigeria. Recommendations made serve as guidance on how to improve development effectiveness of funding in education in line with international good practice and the Misean Cara mission.

The Action

Specifically, the evaluation analyzed the effects produced by Misean Cara funding in the education sector in Nigeria, to assess the extent to which its grant recipients’ activities can be attributed/contributed to these effects. Effects of the members work in education were also assessed in terms of value for money. TEP Centre carried out a rapid impact assessment of Misean Cara’s (micro) project support scheme to determine Relevance, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Impact and Sustainability of the interventions. This entailed field visits to selected intervention sites, participatory assessments focus group discussions, stakeholder interviews, supporting the convening of a learning day and the development of the final report.