Office of the Special Adviser on Education, Lagos State

The Situation

The Lagos State Government has embarked on bold and transformational initiatives targeted at strengthening the education sector and improving the human capacity of the state as a whole. Specifically, the Office of the Special Adviser on Education (OSAE) has embarked on three innovative initiatives: i) CodeLagos – an initiative aimed at making a coding curriculum accessible to every student in Lagos state ii) Ready-Set-Work – a complementary capacity building programme of the Lagos State Government for final year students of tertiary institutions; and iii)Eko Nke Koo (Lagos Is Learning) – an adult literacy programme initiated by the Lagos state government in a bid to kick illiteracy out of Lagos state and make the state work for all.

The Action

TEP Centre supports the Office of the Special Adviser on Education to establish effective monitoring systems in the three innovative projects; CodeLagos, Ready-Set-Work and Eko Nke Koo. Specifically, TEP Centre supports the project teams to develop effective monitoring & evaluation frameworks, establish efficient monitoring practices and develops bespoke templates for knowledge management and monitoring.