ON Nigeria

The On-Nigeria program is designed to promote an atmosphere of accountability, transparency, and good governance in Nigeria by reducing retail corruption and strengthening Nigerian-led anti-corruption efforts and ensuring that evidence is produced on the efficiency, transparency and effectiveness of UBE intervention and counterpart funds in Lagos.

Technical Support for Education Innovations

Following the 2016 edition of the Nigerian Education Innovation Summit (NEDIS), the National Innovation Collaborative for Education (NICE) was established to further initiate unique opportunities that facilitate continuous collaboration, communication and engagement in scaling up education practices.

Monitoring and Evaluation

British Council’s Fast Forward Project

The Fast Forward project implemented by the British Council Nigeria in collaboration with LEAP Africa, is an action research pilot project testing out a model for teaching employability skills and providing work based learning opportunities to secondary school students to better prepare them for work.

Office of the Special Adviser on Education, Lagos State

The Lagos State Government has embarked on bold and transformational initiatives targeted at strengthening the education sector and improving the human capacity of the state as a whole.