We have incorporated a remedial education program known as Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) which is both evidence-based and can be delivered by volunteer teachers. TaRL was initially developed by Pratham in India and has improved learning outcomes for almost 50 million students. The approach involves evaluating students using a simple assessment tool and then grouping them according to their learning level rather than age or grade. Teaching students at their ability rather than at grade level curriculum is shown to be one of the most cost-effective interventions at improving basic literacy and numeracy. 

LEARNigeria is running a summer literacy and numeracy learning intervention for children between ages 8 – 11 years (Primary 3 – 5). We are targeting about 600 learners. This intervention is being implemented in two states in Nigeria, each in the Northern and Southern region, which aims to improve learning outcomes in children by assessing children to find out their current competencies, introducing learning interventions in numeracy and literacy, and conducting periodic assessments during and after the learning intervention.

The programme will run from June to September, 2018. Currently, volunteer teachers from the communities are undergoing a training in preparation for the holiday camp scheduled to begin in late July (Akwa Ibom) and early August (Kano).

LEARNigeria is collaborating with UNICEF and PLAN in the creation of local language (Hausa) resources to be used in implementing TaRL.