Teach for Nigeria, South Saharan, Slum2School

The Situation

Following the 2016 edition of the Nigerian Education Innovation Summit (NEDIS), the National Innovation Collaborative for Education (NICE) was established to further initiate unique opportunities that facilitate continuous collaboration, communication and engagement in scaling up education practices. NICE adopts a multi-pronged approach by engaging in strategic communications, and capacity development for education innovations through partnership with stakeholders and individuals vested in delivering quality education for all.

The Action

As a result of NICE membership, some education innovators have benefited from our growing partnership through workshops, round table talks and development programmes including the Fundraising and Proposal Writing workshop hosted by development Research and Projects Centre (dRPC). TEP Centre as a member and moderator of NICE also offered and facilitated several scaling up workshops for Slum2School and Teach For Nigeria  and grantees of the Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education (PSIPSE) in East Africa.